About Linwork Sistemas

    We are a company formed by professionals with over 20 years of experience and extensive experience in critical mission environments, as the SPB system (Brazilian Payments System) and Internet bankings in private banks.

Our specialty is the development of customized infrastructure solutions, projects and network security, enviroments integrations and specialized technical support in complex environments and high criticality.

We aim to provide tranquility and saving you and your business and for that we have certified professionals at platforms, Cisco, Unix, Linux, xBSD, Novell, Microsoft and server hardware.

Understand the customer's problem in your view point, acting in concert with it, offering complete solutions in tailored to your needs, with high added value and better Values always ethically and responsibly, are some of critical success factors in the businesses of Linwork Systems.


We work in companies of all sizes, for which also transfer the latest technologies through custom training.

We develop and implement projects of local or wide networks, information security audits, etc.

We provide technical support for problems ineffectiveness causing stopping the flow of business of the company, support contracts, maintenance and monitoring of the network and servers.


  • Providing services with the best quality standard, with righteous prices, valuing above all ethics and transparency.
  • Being a model of trust, honesty and security for our customers and employees.


We support

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